Photo of the Week: Atiu Burial Cave, Cook Islands image

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The Cook Islands are one of our favourite places. For such tiny islands there are many interesting things to do. Atiu is an off the beaten track island, where you’ll rarely find more than 10 tourists visiting at once.

Visiting the Rima Rau burial cave was a fascinating experience. We crawled through narrow tunnels to find the remains of the ancestors of the local Maori people. It wasn’t possible to visit it until recently and it felt like a real adventure.

We just wrote a guest post on Gap Year Escape about the reasons why you should visit the Cook Islands. Our guide details more things to do on Aitutaki and Atiu.

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  1. Very cool, and quite an experience that you would get to explore these caves. I would never be able to get my wife to join me in a cave, but I am extremely fascinated with doing this. I am very curious to read about your adventures in the Cook Islands. Cheers!


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