Photo of the Week: An Accidental Visit To A Thai Wat image

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Last week we attempted our first moped road trip – the 100km Samoeng Loop from Chiang Mai. Before we had even left the city though we got a flat tire. We stood on the side of the highway for a few minutes looking bewildered before a Thai man came along, got off his moped and indicated for us to follow him down a side street. As a long term traveller you learn to trust in strangers and this paid off as he took us to a small garage in the shadow of this beautiful wat. Not only did we get our tire fixed in 15 minutes for $5 but we got to explore this temple with its impressive dragon staircase with no one else around. We have no idea what it’s called but we are glad we accidentally discovered it.

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  1. I wrote about this wat in my post wats of the 107. There are about 5 or 6 scattered on the 107 that were always deserted.

    Beautiful place huh? We loved photographing it as well.


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