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An alternative to the classic dish Pad Thai, this Pad Thai Rod Tum Yum included a sweet, hot and sour sauce with the usual rice noodles, bean sprouts, carrot and garlic chives. We tried this at Pun Pun, our favourite vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai where the dishes are always beautifully presented. Note the lime, chilli, ground peanuts and sugar on the side which are important condiments for Thai meals.

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  1. Can you tell me where PunPun is located? We’ll be heading over from CT, USA in a few weeks. Should be in Chiang Mai in early Feb. For an interesting veggie experience, you might want to try the Chiang Mai Vegetarian Society at 42 Mahidol Road located just outside the moat, next to the Banchak gas station. You wash your own plate and utensils. It’s quite yummy as well as inexpensive.


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