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We had spent the night at Feynan, a remote eco lodge in the Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan and our guide decided to take a shortcut through Wadi Namla so we could get to Petra as quickly as possible. He hadn’t been on the road in a while though, and it wasn’t quite as he remembered.

From the small town of Qurayqira we turned up into the mountains, winding our way up higher and higher. As we ascended the switchbacks got tighter and the road got bumpier. Flash floods overwhelm the wadi (dry river bed) during the winter rainy season and wash out the road leaving deep potholes behind.

As we bumped and wound our way along beneath the imposing volcanic basalt mountains, skirting precipices and tumbling rocks, we realised a 4WD would probably have been a good idea—the few vehicles we passed were. The scenery was so spectacular though that we forgot the steep drops just metres from our car. It had a wild, rugged beauty, nothingness stretching on for miles. We drove slowly, carefully onwards, gazing at the scenery in silence.

Our shortcut may not have been as our guide expected but we were happy to take the scenic route to Petra, beginning a day of dramatic landscapes.

Feynan eco lodge and Petra were two of our favourite experiences in Jordan. Read more of our Jordan Highlights here.

A big thank you to Visit Jordan who hosted us during our stay in Jordan and to our driver Ra’id who got us along this road safely.

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  1. I’m rubbish on terrifying bus journeys. It takes all my effort not to fly into a frenzy of panic. I don’t even like driving on a normal road! This, however, looks gorgeous. Sometimes you have to brave it for the beauty.


  2. Very lovely photo. The first time I knew of Jordan and Petra was sadly from watching Transformers. Since then I have been reading more about the location. Would love to get a chance to visit one day.


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