Our Travel & Business Plans for 2013

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We’ve looked back at what went well (and what didn’t) in 2012 and now it’s time to look forward. We have some exciting travel plans for the year and we’ll be taking our business in new directions.

Our Travel Plans

Our plans change constantly but here’s where we’re hoping to visit in 2013.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We’re in Playa del Carmen for another month, mostly working and taking advantage of living two minutes from the Caribbean Sea. We want to return to Akumal to snorkel with turtles and maybe have a few days break on Isla Mujeres. We took a cooking class last week and are looking forward to experimenting in our Mexican kitchen.


At the end of February we’re heading to Cuba! It’s somewhere we’ve wanted to visit for a long time and we’re so close—it’s just an hours flight from Cancun to Havana.

The internet is limited, expensive and slow in Cuba so we’ll be taking a break from work and spending two weeks travelling around the country. We’re planning to enjoy live music, take a salsa class, and wander the streets of Old Havana; horse ride and hike in the lush green countryside around Viñales; and explore the gorgeous colonial town of Trinidad. We also want to fit in some scuba diving.

Let us know your suggestions on the best place to dive, any other tips for Cuba, or recommendations of Cuban music to get us in the mood.

Vinales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba. Photo by @Romtomtom

Mexico Again

Back in Mexico we’re going to spend a week or two eating street food and visiting art galleries in Mexico City and then visit friends in Guanajuato for a writer’s retreat where we’ll write during the day and enjoy good conversation in the evenings.

Snow to Sun USA Road Trip

We have big plans for a US road trip in April. I hesitated to include this here as we need the support of sponsors to make this trip happen, and although we’ve had some promising discussions nothing is definite yet. We’re going to do everything we can to make this trip happen though as we are really excited about it.

If all goes to plan our month long road trip will take us from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and will highlight the diverse landscapes in Southwest USA and the ability to go from ski resorts to sunny desert scenes in just a few hours. Along the way we’ll be snowboarding, hiking, horse riding, white water rafting and any other adventurous activities we can find.

We’ll start with a week snowboarding at the many resorts around Salt Lake City in Utah. It’s been five years since we were last on the slopes so we can’t wait to strap on the boards again and test Utah’s claim to the Greatest Snow on Earth. From there we’ll head to the red rock scenery of southern Utah’s National Parks, then on to Monument Valley, Page, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and Las Vegas and the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. In California we’ll visit Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, and Napa before ending the trip in our favourite city, San Francisco.

It’ll be an epic trip so wish us luck that we can pull it off! We’d love to hear your tips on places we should visit along the way.

Our plans after the road trip are much more vague. We’ll stay in San Francisco for a while and might visit more places in the US (perhaps Chicago?), or head to Toronto for the TBEX travel bloggers conference, or maybe just go back to Mexico.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah. Photo by Zach Dischner

Mexico Again Again

It’s likely that we’ll head back to Mexico in May or June. Our friend Victoria at Bridges and Balloons has got us thinking that the little beach town of San Pancho on the Pacific Coast would be a good place to work for a while.


There are a couple of family events in August that we want to try to be back in the UK for.

Slovenia is also a possibility but our only (semi) definite plan is Italy. We’ve decided we want to visit every year as we love it so much and we crave the food when we’re away for too long. We like the idea of spending a month in a different region of the country each time we visit. Last year it was Tuscany and Umbria; this year Sicily is calling us. We are also hoping to visit Puglia, one of our favourite regions, which we think has the best vegetarian Italian food.


By the end of the year who knows where we’ll go. We haven’t been to Africa yet (except for Egypt) so we’d love to go there, especially South Africa and Namibia, but we’ll have to see.

Our Business Plans

In 2012 we finally started creating our own products rather than relying on freelance work and in 2013 we want to build upon that. Simon has stopped doing web design work and is focusing entirely on creating iOS apps.

Trail Wallet

We’ve just released a fantastic new version of Trail Wallet that includes custom categories (the most popular feature request), an improved design, and a few other spangly new features. We want to make it the best budget app for travellers so will continue to work on improving it.

If you have used the app we’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on the App Store and spread the word to any friends who might find it useful. The more copies we sell, the more time we can spend updating it. Thank you for your support!

Trail Wallet is just the first in a range of travel related apps that we have planned for the coming year.

Digital Nomad Coach

We’re excited to announce that our next big project is the launch of a new website—Digital Nomad Coach.

We write about being digital nomads here on Never Ending Voyage but most of our posts are focused on our travels, so we want to create a space where we can go into more detail about the realities of working on the road.

If you’re an aspiring digital nomad we’ll help you get started, show you the steps you need to take, share inspiring case studies, and cover the practicalities of life on the road. If you’re already a digital nomad the site will be useful for you too—we’ll write about recommended gear, useful resources, business tips, and digital nomad friendly destinations.

Digital Nomad Coach will be launching in the next few months. To keep up to date with the progress, sign up for the Digital Nomad Coach newsletter and like our new Facebook page.

We have a few other business ideas for 2013, including writing a book, but that’s enough to keep us going for now.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. When you make it to San Francisco, give us a shout. Would love to meet up with you guys and we can take you to our fave spot on the planet (so far) – Yosemite :)


    • Thanks guys! Still not sure if we’ll make it there yet. The road trip isn’t going to happen this year but we might still go to SF, and Yosemite is a must!


  2. You guys have an amazing lifestyle!!! It looks so dreamy on paper but I’m sure it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make it all happen. Kudos on your hard work and managing to inspire so many others to aim for the same : )


  3. Hi there, just got back from chiang mai. Spent a day travelling back to chiang rai to see the wonderful white temple for a second time,it was as incredible as ever, I will never know why more people dont know about it but thanks to you hopefully they will now. On your recommendation also went up to the black house or houses as there are so many of them.Some of them were shut unfortunately, I dont know whether that is the norm, but the ones that were open, wow!!! What a fantastic place this is, so strange but quite mesmerising and i couldnt believe it was free, as is the white temple.What a great day out, thank you so much, as without you we would never have found it.


    • I’m so glad you had a good time Anita! Some of the buildings were shut at the Black House when we were there but we could peek through the windows. There is so much to see that it was fine though.


  4. Great plans! I love the South West states of America. The food is absolutely to die for, plenty of vegetarian options too. I’ll be following closely to see how you get on in Cuba. I’m researching a trip there for later in the year (also as part of a side trip from PDC) and I’m struggling to find blog posts of people who’ve actually been.


    • I’ve found online info about Cuba a bit limited too. We’ll be writing plenty about our stay – afterwards though as the internet doesn’t seem worth the hassle while we’re there.


  5. Wow great plans you have guys! We are thinking to go to Sicily as well this year when we go back to Europe. Would be great to meet you guys there! And by the way, Malta is just 90 mins away by ferry from Sicily! You are very welcome to visit our tiny hot island ;)


  6. You will Love Cuba!!! It is one of our favourite countries and we have been there a combined 8 times.
    The people are incredible, the food is great and the rum…well it’s cheap and amazing :)

    Looks like it’s going to be another awesome year for you two!!!


  7. Very interesting plan, I hope we can meet one day to know you in person! We were talking today about writing our 2013 plan too, but we are in the Galapagos for a month or 2 and the internet sucks and doesn’t work with MBA, so we are too slow with our posts and depending mainly on thr ipda! Safe travel :)


  8. Those plans look excellent! One thing to bear in mind is hat San Pancho’s main season runs until April. It will be cheaper and quieter after that, as well as incredibly humid. Most businesses will be shut too. Might still appeal, but it will be different to how we’ve described it on the blog. Are you going to TBU?


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