Our Plans for 2011

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We don’t usually like to plan, well actually that’s not true; I love to plan but we don’t like being tied to a fixed itinerary. However this year there are three key events we want to attend: the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) conference in June, a friend’s wedding in July and the Penny Arcade Expo in August.

This means a rough plan for the year has arisen, and as we’ll need to book flights in the next few months we’ll be locked in. Hopefully it will be worth sacrificing a bit of freedom though as we are excited about attending these events and meeting up with some new and old friends.

So where will we be travelling in 2011?

January-February: We have extended our apartment rental in Medellin until 10 February and then we’ll begin our exploration of Colombia. We’ll be focusing on pretty pueblos in the coffee region and around Bogota and then heading to the coast. We are very much looking forward to being on a beach for the first time in nearly a year. Although we have ideas of places we want to visit the plan doesn’t have a timescale attached and is entirely flexible.

March–May: I’m not sure how long we’ll spend travelling around Colombia but it’s likely that sometime in March we’ll take the five day boat trip from Cartagena to Panama (via the gorgeous looking San Blas islands). We’ll travel around Panama, through Costa Rica to Nicaragua. We originally planned to travel through all of Central America but I doubt we’ll get further than this before June.

June: We’ll fly from wherever we end up to Vancouver for the TBEX conference. To get the cheapest fare we’ll probably have to fly through a few places in the US and we may stop off for a few days. Miami looks like a likely stop and if Simon gets his way we may even take a trip to Disney!

We are really looking forward to meeting lots of travel bloggers we know online but have never met at TBEX, and to exploring Vancouver. We’ll probably spend about a week there.

In mid June we’ll fly to the UK to catch up with friends and family (we’ll have been away for 16 months). We’ll stay about 4 weeks to visit various people around the country.

Italian antipasti in Puglia

Food like this antipasti in Puglia make us want to return to Italy

July: After the wedding in mid July we are hoping to spend a month or so in Italy. It’s one of our favourite countries and after nearly a year in South America we are craving some good, veggie-friendly food. Italy is expensive so we won’t travel around but are hoping to find a house sitting opportunity. A small village or rural area in some untouristy part of the country would be ideal. I used to speak Italian so I’m looking forward to picking that up again.

August: We need to be in Seattle for the last weekend in August as Simon is hopefully attending the Penny Arcade Expo to indulge his geeky side with his video game programmer brother. I have no interest in video games so will not be attending the conference, and will have to find something to occupy myself in Seattle for a few days.

September-October: San Francisco! We fell in love with the city on our last RTW trip and know some amazing people who live here. We would love to spend a month or two living here if we can afford it. It makes sense to do it then as we’ll be on the West Coast anyway and the weather is beautiful at this time of year.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The view from Greens, our favourite vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco

November – December: Who knows? We’ll probably head back down to Central America to explore the countries we missed earlier in the year, and Mexico is definitely calling us.

I was hesitant about making these plans public as we still aren’t sure if we’ll be able to afford these expensive destinations. But I figured putting them out there will make them more likely to happen.

We spent Monday holed up in Crepes & Waffles doing our annual review. We have some big plans for the Line-In web design business which mainly include making lots more money and releasing a new product for travel bloggers. It’s going to be a lot of work though so we somehow need to fit that in with our travel plans.

Can you help? If anyone knows of any houses that need sitting in Italy, inexpensive apartment rentals in San Francisco, or a cheap way to fly from Central America to Vancouver (or Seattle) then please let us know.

Oh, and if you know anyone who needs a website designed or built or a WordPress plug-in developed then send them to Simon at Line In.

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  1. Ciao! A luglio sarete in Italia? Dove vorreste stare?
    I write in italian, because you know it, isn’t it?
    Mountain? See? ….Historical cities?
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