October Update: Thailand

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Bangkok was a shock after orderly, efficient Japan and we couldn’t warm to the huge, crowded city with its constant traffic. We’d seen the sites on a previous trip so this time we focused on eating – from western comforts in the many shopping centres to taking advantage of the wealth of meat-free street eats during the Vegetarian Festival. Bangkok also has the best cinemas in the world – ultra comfortable and cheap. Just remember to stand for the national anthem.

After a week we were definitely ready to leave the chaos behind and the quiet island of Koh Mak was just what we needed. No traffic, no noise (except the cicadas) and empty beaches were perfect for a relaxing break.

For the past two weeks we’ve been in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It’s much more chilled out than Bangkok but still has everything you need, plus views of the hills, many shimmering gold wats (temples) and lots to do in the surrounding areas. There are also loads of vegetarian restaurants and we’ve been eating very well for very little. The city has become a travel bloggers hub so we know quite a few people who are here for the winter.

We’ve decided to settle down here for three months, and spent the first week struggling to find a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen. Everyone just eats out here so finding a kitchen is harder than you’d think, and we had to raise our budget quite a few times to find a place we liked. We are glad we did though as we’ve loved exploring Chiang Mai’s wonderful markets and picking up fresh fruit, vegetables and rice noodles at great prices. We took a Thai cooking course and look forward to experimenting more in our kitchen.

We’ve also rented a moped, an easy, cheap and fun way to get around. In the next month we plan to put Simon’s driving skills to the test with trips out of town into the hills and up to the Burmese border which we need to cross to renew our Thai visas.

Over the next month expect more posts on our trip to Japan (still so much to write about) and our explorations of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai pool

The pool at our apartment in Chiang Mai

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Simon’s latest illustration: inspired by Disney

We are in Chiang Mai to work, to focus on developing some projects that will hopefully bring in alternative income streams so that we are not entirely dependent on Line In‘s client work. Simon is just finishing up some client projects at the moment so that he can dive into the new projects.

He is also continuing with his Illustration 156 project, and created the Wild West themed poster above after being inspired by our trip to Disney Tokyo. He took a lot of photos of fonts while we were there!

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  1. i am going to retire in Thailand……should be there in June….I hear Chang Mi is the cheapest….in the Mountains i hope i enjoy it….been in Chicago 99% of my Adult Life…..just tired of all the crap going on…


  2. I’ve never been to Thailand, but I’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan four times. It’s a great place, even if I’ve never really understood the people.

    Their love of cycling on the sidewalk is annoying though!


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