Nomadic Interviews: Gary from Everything Everywhere

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Gary Arndt is one of the world’s most popular travel bloggers. He has been travelling for four years to 85 countries so far and has built up a huge following to his photography and travelogue focused blog Everything Everywhere.  Time magazine featured him as one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2010.

1) How long have you been travelling and where have you been?

I have been traveling since March 13, 2007. The complete list of places I’ve been is located at

2) Did you plan to travel for so long? What made you stay on the road?

I originally thought I’d be gone for 1-2 years. I just sort of kept going and didn’t see any real reason to stop. I love what I do.

3) How do you fund your travels?

So far it has been funded through savings. Selling my house and my internet business over 10 years ago. However, as my site has grown, I’ve been able to get more sponsored trips and I am also writing a book which I hope will be published in late 2011 or early 2012.

4) Do you find it difficult to balance travel and work/blogging? How do you manage it?

It is difficult. I’ve wrote about the difficulties of blogging on the road in the past and it is a problem that doesn’t go away. If you are out exploring the world, you can’t be sitting at your computer and vice versa.

5) You run one of the most popular travel blogs. What are your tips for growing a successful blog?

Time, persistance, and try not to just do what you see other people doing. If you are doing list posts because you see everyone else doing it, there is no real reason to read your site. You have to have a unique take on things or a unique personality.

6) You gave a presentation at TBEX and Blog World last year about Travel Porn. Can you summarise the advice you gave in it?

The basic thesis is that travel is a very visual medium. Look at any travel magazine and you will find it is mostly photos. Narrative travel writing usually doesn’t sell that well. Take photography seriously, even if you don’t have super high end gear.

7) What photography equipment do you use?

I currently shoot with a Nikon D300s. I have 3 lenses: 18-200mm VR, 12-24mm, and a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I also carry a carbon fiber tripod and a host of other small accessories.

8 ) What is the best food you’ve eaten on your travels?

There have been so many things. What is coming to mind right now is poisson cru, which is the national dish of Tahiti. It is a dish of raw fish, coconut milk and cucumber.

9) What are some of your favourite off the beaten track destinations?

Some include Oman, Samoa, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Okinawa, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Bonaire. I’m very Pacific centric.

10) Where are you heading to next? Do you think you’ll ever settle down in one place?

Next week I’m off to Puerto Rico then Spain.

I might get an apartment or something at some point as a base of operations, but I don’t see myself settling down. I don’t see myself traveling less than 9 months a year. I get bored staying in one spot too long.

You can follow Gary’s travel on his blog Everything Everywhere, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. Just met Gary 2 days ago in person, so very cool to stumble across this interview now. I agree it’s SO important to have your own distinct voice in your blog.


  2. Great interview. I admire Gary a lot and its good to learn a few things from him in this interview. He was one of the 1st blog I started reading that made me want to go on a RTW trip. Look at me now in less than a week I take off.


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