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A few months ago we highlighted the 10 travel bloggers who inspired us – long term digital nomads who have been travelling and blogging for years. Since we started blogging ourselves we have come across many more travel bloggers, especially by being involved in the Twitter community. Through the #rtwsoon Twitter hashtag we connected with many people who are writing blogs months (in some cases years!) before they leave on extended trips.

Some of these bloggers started travelling recently and some are departing later this year, but they are all worth watching as they are the next generation of travel bloggers.

Twenty-Something Travel

Stephanie doesn’t start her round the world trip until September but already her blog is huge. She’s often featured on the front page of the Lonely Planet website and can be found guest-posting all over the web. She writes about her past experiences of travel, her plans for her next big trip and encourages other young people to get out there and see the world too.

Our favourite post: Do The Thing That Scares You
Follow her on Twitter: @20sTravel

Traveling Savage

Keith is going to explore the world a bit differently from the other travellers featured here. He’ll be travelling for one month at a time three or four times a year, with a focus on immersing himself in one place and doing his “utmost to learn, soak up, understand, and drink in the culture.” In between his travels he’ll return to his wife and home to the US.

Our favourite post: The Importance of the Quest
Follow him on Twitter: @travelingsavage

Nomadic Chick

Jeannie is in her late 30s and is finally breaking free from the corporate world to pursue her dream of travelling and writing. She was recently laid off from her job so will be hitting the road sooner than planned, with India as the first international destination. Like us, Jeannie aims to become a digital nomad and never have to return to an office job.

Our favourite post: The 7 Stages of Unplugging from the Cubicle
Follow her on Twitter: @nomadicchick

Johnny Vagabond

Wes started his low budget round the world trip in Thailand in March, and is currently exploring Cambodia. His detailed travel stories are often hilarious, and he also shares helpful information about his budget and packing list.

Our favourite post: Three Mistakes on a Hot Day in Bangkok
Follow him on Twitter: @johnnyvagabond

The Road Forks

Akila and Patrick are doing their round the world trip in sections. After six months travelling around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia they are currently back in the US to visit their beloved dogs! In May they head off again to Japan and beyond, and we look forward to following (and drooling over their recipes) as they continue cooking and eating their way around the world.

Our favourite post: The importance of doing nothing
Follow them on Twitter: @theroadforks

The Aussie Nomad

Chris is a late 20s career breaker. After 6 years in the cubicle he decided that there was more to life, and recently started his trip in Paris. He will be travelling around Europe before settling in the UK to find work for a few years. Look out for him with his jar of vegemite, as he plans to convert Europeans to this controversial spread!

Our favourite post: Why Do You Travel?
Follow him on Twitter: @theaussienomad

Thom and Sean

Thom and Sean are a British couple a few months away from their epic two year trip through the US, Australia, Asia and home to Europe on the Transiberian Railway. They are active participants in Twitter’s #rtwsoon community and are even creating a Year Book featuring all the travellers who are heading off for long term travel in 2010.

Our favourite post: What you should do if someone is trying to surf on your couch
Follow them on Twitter: @thom_sean

Freedonia Post

Joel will be cycling his way around the world, starting in a few months in Europe. His entertaining posts reflect the fact that he is “interested in the lighter side of travel so the site is focused on the people, the customs and the strangeness of other cultures.”

Our favourite post: 7 Ways My Trip Already Kicks Ass
Follow him on Twitter: @magicant

Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina has been on the road for a month now, starting in Mexico before heading down through Central and South America and then who knows where next. She writes honestly about the ups and downs of travel life.

Our favourite post: Must try street food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Follow her on Twitter: @Ayngelina

Travels of Adam

Adam is a graphic designer from Boston who has recently arrived in Spain for the start of his RTW trip which will take him to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Our favourite post: Planning a RTW Trip in 23 Steps
Follow him on Twitter: @travelsofadam

There are many, many more travel blogs out there and this is just a small selection. You could also check out Pause the Moment, Vagabond3, The Adventures of D, No Place to Be and Spunky Girl Monologues. The best way to find more travel bloggers who are about to embark on long term travel adventures is by following the #rtwsoon hashtag on Twitter.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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