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The more we travel, the more we’ve found that the best stuff in the world comes from individuals or companies who have dedicated themselves to producing the greatest work possible or providing the best service they can. Much of our Slow Travel Manifesto is based on this tradition of craftsmanship—from artisanal Tuscan cheese producers to Japanese chefs—and we love finding people who are passionate about the process of creation. We want to continue that tradition in our own, small and uniquely digital way.

So we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Never Ending Voyage Store!

Our Products

Our shop is packed to the rafters with all of three (count ’em) products created with love and care by our own good selves! So much choice!

We are currently hard at work on expanding the range of apps and t-shirts but from giant acorns tiny oak trees grow (or something), so keep checking back. In the meantime, here’s what we have available (click on the images for more details):

iPhone Apps

Our first major app is Trail Wallet, an easy travel expense tracker for iPhone. Quick and easy to use, you can organise your expenses by trip and category and it’ll let you know if you can actually afford that 4th margarita[1].


We’re creating a range of travel-inspired t-shirts. Our first is a celebration of the wonderful Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand and our second is, admittedly, a little bit more geeky than travel-y (who doesn’t love Mooses?!), but we plan to add a wider range of travel-based tees in the future.

Our Values

We will be happy if we can get around to the idea that art is not an outside and extra thing; that it is a natural outcome of a state of being; that the state of being is the important thing; that a man can be a carpenter and be a great man.

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Everything we make has been carefully and lovingly produced and we try to inject some of our personality and experience into them. We have high standards for ourselves and, although we may not always meet them, we will keep striving to create items that reflect the core ideas of passion, integrity, respect and honesty in our work.

At least as much of those ideas as a t-shirt with a cartoon moose will allow.


A big part of this is that we want to do all of the challenging, creative parts ourselves—indeed, as Henri hints at, this is where happiness in work truly lies—and we don’t and never will use cheap, outsourced labour to do that work for us (frankly, I’ve always found that a bit crazy. It’s like outsourcing a trip to the movies).

When additional skills are required, we will hire creative professionals (from anywhere in the world) who share our values and will work as collaborators and partners with us. And we’ll pay them what they’re worth.

What you’ll hopefully end up with are unique, high quality products with a little bit of personality and a lot of love in them.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is paramount but we’re not perfect, so mistakes can happen. However, if you buy from us and you’re not happy, simply shoot us an email and tell us what’s up and we will work hard to make it right.

Independent Producers

Finally, when you buy from us, you are buying the thousands of hours of studying, practice, success and failure that it takes to make something from scratch and you are supporting a tradition of pride and craftsmanship that we, in turn, try to support ourselves on our travels.

And even if you don’t have an iPhone and don’t want a t-shirt with a moose and some deliberately bad spelling on it (why not?!), you can help us out by taking a moment to share our work or site with your friends.

We appreciate all of your tweets, comments, and emails and if you have any questions about what we’re doing, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for all of your support,

Simon and Erin

  1. Unfortunately, you can still choose to ignore it, so if you go ahead with that next round of cocktails, that’s on you.  ↩

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  1. Already a fan of the Trail Wallet, and those t-shirts look mighty cute! As soon as one of the 4 t-shirts I own finally disintegrates, you’ll be my first option. Good luck on this new project!


  2. ha, it’s funny you released this now. We have been working on Redbubble T’s and Ipad cases as well. Got 3 designs completed but haven’t done the store yet, then we saw this :-) Great minds think alike


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