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Happy New Year to you all!

2010 has been an amazing year for us, and a significant one: our first year as digital nomads. It’s hard to believe that we have been blogging and travelling for only 10 months. We want to thank all of our readers for your support – the positive feedback we have received has been incredible.

We have published 133 posts since our first post on 19th February 2010 and so, like a lazy Friends episode, we wanted to look back and share with you the most popular posts of the year.

Travel Tips

How We Saved 75% of Our Income to Travel

Our single most popular post this year has been our tips on how to manage your finances and save for travel. It’s all about being organised and making sacrifices. If you have said you’d love to travel but can’t afford it: read this.

What Do You Pack When You Are Leaving Forever? Our Packing List

We are living permanently out of two carry on size backpacks (and a travel guitar) and you can find out what’s in our bags in this post. We have just updated the list and in early January I’ll be writing about our tips to travel long term with just carry on luggage.

Language Hacking Guide
Language Hacking Guide Review

Our review of our favourite ebook of the year. The Language Hacking Guide outlines Benny from Fluent in 3 Month‘s unique approach to language learning. We are sold on his philosophy of study less, speak more – even when you only know a few words in the language. It takes some balls but it does get results.

How to Budget for Long Term Travel

Need to plan your budget for a round the world trip? This is the post for you. In it, we reveal exactly how much our first year-long trip cost. Find out which country cost us only £12/$18.50 a day per person, and find out which country blew our budget with a massive £41/$63 a day each.

How We Plan to Travel Forever

Our third post back in February outlined ways to stretch the travel budget so that we could live a permanently nomadic life. We have already tried couchsurfing, house sitting and working in exchange for food and accommodation.

We have yet to crew on yachts but maybe next year! Simon’s Line In web design and development business has been going so well that we haven’t needed to teach English, but if we ever settle down anywhere for more than a few months I still might try this.

Cheap & Useful Resources for Learning Spanish

Learning a language doesn’t have to be expensive. These are our favourite resources for learning Spanish that we used before we arrived in South America. For more unconventional ideas see the follow up More Cheap & Useful Resources for Learning Spanish. If you are looking for a place to study in South America we had great experiences in Buenos Aires and Sucre.

Digital Nomadism

The Benefits of Selling Everything You Own

Simon’s look at why we don’t regret selling all of our belongings to become digital nomads is both funny and insightful. With a whopping 83 comments this one really struck a chord with people. If you are attached to your stuff, have a read of this and it may make you reassess. Then again, it may not.

How To Sell All Of Your Stuff

If you were convinced by the benefits of selling everything you own then this is the practical guide to getting it done. It’s a mammoth three-parter with tips to get started in Part 1 , how to sell on eBay and through a ‘stuff blog’ in Part 2, and more methods plus how much we earned in Part 3.

10 Travel Bloggers Who Inspired Us

The wonderful bloggers who introduced us to the world of digital nomadism and permanent travel. We wouldn’t be here without the inspiration from these guys. We are slowly working our way through the list and interviewing our heroes for our Nomadic Interviews series, so you can find out more about Audrey & Dan, Benny and Kirsty plus many more.

Simon's digital nomad office at Granja El Roble, Paraguay
A Digital Nomad Budget: How Much Does 6 Months in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Cost?

Find out how much we spent and earned in our first six months as digital nomads. The follow up looks at the following three months budget in Bolivia and Peru.

Being a digital nomad
The Life of a Digital Nomad

Simon’s reflections on the highs and lows of life as a digital nomad after two months on the road. If you enjoyed this then also check out his guest post on Almost Fearless: Confessions of a Rookie Digital Nomad.


Quebrada de Cafayate
Road Trippin’ – Northwest Argentina

Driving through the cacti, canyons and red rock scenery of the Salta region in Argentina’s northwest was definitely one of our highlights of 2010. You can read about our adventures plus get practical tips on distances, where to eat and where to stay in Part 1 and Part 2 of our detailed guide. Highly recommended if you are heading to Argentina.

Top 10 Foods to Eat in Buenos Aires That Are NOT Steak

A diet of pastries, ice cream and empanadas? Yep, that’s the healthy lifestyle available for vegetarians in Argentina’s capital. Buenos Aires actually turned out to be the best city for non meat eaters in all of South America: take a look at our favourite restaurants. We have also produced a series of vegetarian survival guides for all the countries we have visited.

Trinidad Jesuit Ruins, Paraguay
A Practical Guide to Paraguay

There isn’t much information available on this little visited country, usually overlooked by visitors to South America, which is why people found our trip report useful. We shared up to date info on where to eat, stay and how to get there. Part 1 focused on Ciudad del Este, Encarnacion & San Rafael National Park and Part 2 on off the beaten track small towns, Asuncion and Concepcion.

The backwaters of Kerala India
7 Unique and Cheap Places to Stay in India

A look back at some special places to stay in our favourite country India, including a houseboat, backwater island and sand dunes.

Havelock Island Fishing Boat
Ways To Get Away From It All – Part 1: Thai Islands (The Quiet Ones!)

The only guest posts we have featured on Never Ending Voyage have been this series by our friend Amy Cham. Here she shows that not all Thai islands have to be party central: these off the beaten track islands are definitely on our ‘to visit’ list now.

If you are planning a trip to South America we have also written about our travels this year in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.

Our Favourite Posts

A few of our favourite posts that didn’t make it on the most popular list.

Bolivian Bus Hell – An Illustrated Guide

The post Simon enjoyed creating the most was this illustrated post about an awful bus journey in Bolivia. The good thing about being a blogger is that even during the worst experiences you can put a positive spin on it by thinking “At least this will make a great blog post!” He definitely wants to do more posts like this in the new year.

Havelock Island Fishing Boat
Our Favourite Tropical Islands

We have obviously been away from beaches for too long as my tropical island reminiscences turned into a detailed three-parter. These are our tips for visiting quiet paradise islands in Asia, Fiji and the Cook Islands.

If you fancy giving us a belated Christmas present then feel free to tweet, stumble or facebook this or any of the above posts. Thanks for being with us in 2010 and we hope you have a stunning 2011!

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. 1st off Happy NEw Years and thanks for inspiring me and other with your amazing blog.

    I remember reading most of those post but I am gonna go back and read some of them. Especially now that I am leaving in 60 days not 200 days. I hope we are able to meet somewhere along Central America!!!


  2. I’ve been following your blog from the beginning, so reading this list was a bit like walking down memory lane. If my memory serves correct, 2011 should be a pretty kick-ass year for you guys with more travel, a trip home, wedding, TBEX and more! Happy 2011!


    • Thanks Audrey – it’s an honour to have one of our favourite bloggers reading ours =)

      2011 is looking good: Colombia & part of Central America before TBEX in Vancouver, then the UK for a wedding, Italy, Seattle and San Francisco. Then probably head back down to Central America to finish exploring. Still not sure how we’ll afford all this but hopefully it’ll work out.


  3. Feliz año nuevo a los dos y muchas gracias por compartir experiencias, consejos y fotos.
    Estamos planeando un viaje por SA y todos los posts relacionados con budget planning & savings han sido muy útiles para empezar a planificar


    • Buenos Aires has a great choice of restaurants so you will be able to alternate the steaks with something else. The Armenian restaurant is delicious.


  4. Your two favorite posts are definitely our favorite two, too! The photos on the Tropical Islands post are just amazing and the Bus Hell post still makes us giggle ;-) We actually missed some of your posts, so we’ll catch up on some reading now…

    P.S. You are living out of a CARRY ON size backpack??? What are we doing wrong? We feel like our backpacks are as big as houses! Think we need to get rid off some stuff… ;-)


    • Thanks – that’s nice to know! I am so looking forward to being back on tropical islands again in Central America.

      You probably have a lot more choice in clothes than us! We wear the same stuff all the time =) It is good to do a backpack audit now and then though. Everyone can always get rid of something. We are looking forward to discarding the warm clothes we had to get for the Andes.


  5. Aww, seems that your 2010 has been great to you two! You guys were one of the first travel bloggers we’ve subscribed to and it’s been great following your adventures along. Here’s to a great 2011 and maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere in the world soon!


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