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I’ve been bewildered by Mexican chiles since we arrived. The organic grocery store DAC here in Playa del Carmen has a few aisles of self-service tubs of dried chiles, their pungent smell enticing me to buy but I’ve had no idea what to do with them. This week we took a cooking class with Co.Cos Culinary School and I finally learnt what all those shrivelled red chiles were and what to do with them.

Coty at Co.Cos includes a helpful chile session as part of her cooking classes. To help me remember which is which I labelled the photo for a handy guide to Mexican chiles. I’ll be writing more about what each chile is used for in a post about the class soon.

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  1. Love this, ahh I miss the Mexican spicy food. Oh & this is not all the chiles… we have a few more up in the North of Mexico that are not used as much in the South.


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