July Update: Jacuzzis and Snow

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In July we’ve been based in Salta in North West Argentina renting an apartment that fellow travellers Dan and Fiona introduced us to. The focus has been on getting some work done and enjoying the comforts of having our own place for a while – a kitchen, comfy bed, hot shower and a wonderful terrace complete with barbeque, jacuzzi and views of the hills that surround the city.

We’ve been getting in training for the Andes by regularly walking up the 1070 steps of Cerro San Bernardo for wonderful views of the city, especially at sunset. We’re also taking private Spanish lessons twice a week to keep up our progress.

We took a mini-break for our 11th anniversary to Finca Santa Anita, a farm near Coronel Moldes. We enjoyed some great horse riding around the pretty Dique Cabra Corral, but due to a cold snap spent the rest of the time huddled in rocking chairs close to the fire, working our way through the library.

On our last morning we woke to a garden covered in snow! It has been 14 years since this area last saw snow so it really was a freak occurrence. Only a week earlier we had been enjoying day time temperatures in the late 20s celsius. Thankfully it’s back to normal sunny days again now.

Next week we are moving to the countryside out of town to house sit Leigh from The Future is Red‘s house. Hopefully we’ll head up to Bolivia at the end of August.

Our map and photos are now updated with our road trip around the region and extra photos can be found on our Flickr page. It was difficult to choose just a selection of photos as the scenery was so stunning on this trip.

Never Ending Voyage Around the Web

July has been a good month for us with a huge traffic spike for Simon’s post The Benefits of Selling Everything You Own. We’ve been featured around the web in a number of places.

Hello, Meet World chose our packing list as one of their favourite travel gear articles.

We participated in Vagabond Quest’s post on Top Advice by Travellers.

Johnny Vagabond included us on his list of 10 Travel Blogs I Follow From the Road even though he has much less time to read blogs while travelling. We are pleased to be included with such great company.

Brendan’s Adventures has listed us as one of the Top 100 Independent Travel Websites.

Migrationology included our Buenos Aires food post in his article on 15 Ways to Have a Blast in Buenos Aires.

Our couchsurfing post was part of the first Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival over at Maiden Voyage.

Go Overseas featured our Paraguay Guide as one of their favourite posts of the week.

Digital Nomad Update

Following his site’s relaunch Simon has been inundated with web design and development work this month, and August looks like it’ll be even busier. Luckily our apartment in Salta is a great place to get work done.

He is still finding time to work on his own project – an Adobe Air application. The Daily Dream Machine is a personal productivity tool with a focus on small efforts everyday to achieve big goals. It has a 50s-inspired design and a big blue cloud (obviously). He developed it for his own personal use and as a learning process for the travel apps that we have planned.

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  1. La dulce vida, si? What a gorgeous view you have from your apartment! Enjoy the rest of your time in Argie y buena suerte con tu espanol. :)


  2. Looks like you have found a great spot to rest a bit. I look forward to checking out Salta when we get to that continent on our open ended world tour. Sounds fun.

    Oh my, you have been busy! We’ve had a blast in July doing more deep explorations in southern France, so I’m just finding a moment to catch up. Congrats!


  3. How long are you guys going to be in Argentina, Salta specifically? I just spoke with Leigh tonight because I’ll be heading there this November. You’ve got an amazing setup!


    • Unfortunately we’ll miss you Keith as we are heading up to Bolivia by the end of August. You’ll be in good hands with Leigh though and the local couchsurfing group is very active.


  4. A lovely terrace and view. Have lived in our house for 30 years, and raised children there. Much to clean out. I am ready to be free of the stuff and travel light. I enjoy your blog. (Nice name too.)


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