January Update: Medellin

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It’s been a quiet month for travel as we are renting an apartment in Medellin, Colombia for two months. Simon has been completing a marathon work session and we’ve been busy planning for 2011, so we haven’t had much of a chance to get out and about. We have taken a few day trips to the pretty nearby pueblos of Guatapé and Santa Fe de Antioquia, and we’ve explored Botero’s sculptures and paintings in the city centre. I also spent last week focusing on my Spanish again with a week of conversation classes.

We have also had the opportunity to meet up with a number of other bloggers who are living in Medellin or have been passing through. Since we’ve been here we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mike from Go See Write, Jason from Locationless Living, Mike aka Go Big Mike, Gareth of Tourist 2 Townie (who we first met in Salta), Lisa of LL World Tour and Benny from Fluent in 3 Months who kindly hosted us when we first arrived in the city. There are even more bloggers on their way  – Medellin is the place to be it seems (well, after Chiang Mai where all the other bloggers are).

In other exciting news we bought an iPod Touch and Kindle (a review is coming soon) so we are going paperless, which should make our backpacks a lot lighter.

We only have two more weeks left in Medellin and then we are heading off to explore Colombia. Any tips?

Our blog is always a few weeks or so behind where we actually are so for up to date reports on what we are doing see our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Never Ending Voyage Around the Web

Following the interest in our packing list we have added a Gear & Products Page with information about the items that we most recommend.

This is where we’ve been featured in the last month:

We were interviewed three times this month! They all had very different questions. The friendly couple at Ha Nui Loa said some lovely things about us on their blog and asked us some thought- provoking questions in an interview.

Jack and Jill interviewed us about travelling as a couple and Squid on Fire asked us about life as a digital nomad.

Heading There featured our Bolivian Amazon post in their Best of 2010 round up.

Our newly updated packing list has been getting a lot of interest. The Vino Vagabonds thought it was the best packing guideline for long term travel that they found, and a Polish blog linked to it and sent us lots of traffic (we can only assume they said good things!).

Take Your Big Trip recommended our packing list and our post on How to Travel Long Term with Only Carry On Luggage in their round up of best RTW trip planning articles.

Gareth from Tourist 2 Townie linked to our Sing Your Way to Spanish post in his latest Spanish learning update (including taking a Spanish literature class -impressive!).

Dado Que recommended our Spanish music post, and the Spanish Help Now site was also inspired by it and has posted a fill in the gaps lyrics exercise for a Maná/Santana song.  It’s a great way to practice.

Digital Nomad Update

You can follow Simon’s marathon work session on his Line In Facebook Page. The inital Christmas rush of work is almost over but new work is still coming in to Line In Web Design so things will be busy until we leave Medellin. We then need to attempt to balance travel and work a bit better.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. How are you finding the Spanish in Colombia? I’m planning to get through a few countries in South America next year and I’d love to take some lessons to improve my Spanish – do you have a preference for countries to study in? I know you guys did some study in BA as well.


    • For some reason we are finding the Spanish in Colombia harder than anywhere else we’ve been. No idea why really. Buenos Aires is a great place to study, but I would most recommend Sucre. It’s a beautiful small town in Bolivia with a great Spanish School: http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/sucre-spanish-school-review/
      It’s much cheaper than anywhere else. I liked being able to walk to my classes in 5 minutes as it’s such a compact town. Bolivian Spanish is quite slow and easy to understand.

      There’s less choice of language schools in Colombia and it’s more expensive than Bolivia and Buenos Aires, so it wouldn’t be my first choice.


  2. i really enjoyed my time in villa de leyva, which is a quaint, relaxing and colonial town about 4 hours out of bogota. cartegena is a must, especially for its gorgeous old town. i’ve also heard great things about tayrona, which unfortunately i didn’t have time to get to and remains on my “to go” list. hope this helps, and i look forward to reading about your future colombian adventures!


  3. I’d recommend visiting the Valle de Cocora if I were you, both for the wax palms and the fantastic trout, and if you’ve got the time and energy the hike from there up to Estrella de Aguas is pretty fantastic and a wonderful overnight. I’m pretty sure it’s a few weeks late for the big festival in Salento (I was there last year) but it’s a beautiful town to visit on the way to Cocora, as well.

    Wherever you go, I wish you happy exploring! I hope to get down there again sometime soon, with more than just a week to explore this time!


      • Glad it was useful. I would definitely concur with the recommendation for Salento. Do be aware however, that when I was there WiFi was pretty hard to come by so for those working while traveling such as yourself it might be more of a challenge to stay a while. But, maybe things have changed since then. Or, for a longer stay, I think you can rent a 3G Internet card.


        • I think we are giving ourselves a week off work at the beginning of our trip so that should work out Ok. La Serrana hostel say they have wifi.

        • La Serrana seemed fantastic but they were booked full when I visited. I think Ayngelina posted a glowing review of them a while back and if they have WiFi on top of everything else it sounds perfect. Definitely eat in the square during the weekend – I don’t recall what they are called, but there are enormous flatted patacones with guacamole and other goodies you can put on top (trucha is the most common but I presume they have vegetarian options). Hope you enjoy!

  4. How cool that you got to meet up with a few bloggers while in Medellin. On a different note, I just noticed that you guys are the ones who signed up for the Unconventional Guides through our link. How do you like the product?


    • It was fun to meet up with so many different bloggers.

      It wasn’t up who signed up for the guides I’m afraid, although we have read the guide to working for yourself and enjoyed it.


  5. Have not been to Colombia, but stay safe! One of my friends got mugged once during his trip there last year. Travel in groups and stay away from dangerous neighborhoods =)


  6. Haha no worries, I wrote only good things about you and your post. I wrote that it’s very useful for people who want to travel for an extended period of time and that if Erin can pack light, every woman can. You can always use Google Translate to read it hehe.


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