Photo of the Week: Iguazu Falls image

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This is a picture of the Devil’s Throat falls on the Argentine side. This is a particularly dramatic part of waterfall that isn’t exactly lacking drama to begin with.

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  1. Hi, guys, great pics! I really liked the moonlit falls. How did you take this pic? I’m hoping to visit the same place under a full moon sometime soon, so any advice you could give me would be most welcome. Was it wide open, long exposure, high ISO? What lens and camera did you use? How did you protect your gear from the spray? I visited the exact same spot and got soaked, so next time I know I should wear a raincoat. Umbrella for the camera? Lastly, was this just after moonrise, or was it when the moon was high? Thanks, and keep traveling!


    • Hi Roberto
      The moon was quite high but I think it would be best to go just after moonrise.

      I use my Canon 400D DSLR with Tamron 18-200mm lens. As best as I can recall I think I just handheld it with a wide aperture and quite a low shutter speed.I can’t remember protecting the camera in any way but maybe stick it in a plastic bag with the lens poking out. I think I just stayed in the wet areas for the shortest possible time and then moved a little back where it was drier. Sorry I can’t remember much more. I hope you enjoy the experience.


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