Photo of the Week: Horse Crash at San Pancho’s Polo Club image

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San Pancho, the tiny Mexican beach town where we are living for a few months is full of surprises. One of them is that it has its very own polo club. It’s particularly strange that being British and growing up around horses it took coming to the Mexican coast to attend my first ever polo game.

La Patrona polo club is fancy for San Pancho, as you’d expect for the sport most associated with the rich, but is a good place for a splurge. We enjoyed a leisurely mimosa brunch one Sunday and returned last Saturday for a glass of wine to watch the Easter Polo Cup. It’s a fast and furious game and things got rather dramatic when this horse lost his balance while galloping around a tight turn. Thankfully despite the rider being taken off on a stretcher, it was just a precaution and horse and rider were fine.

I still want to learn to play polo.

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