February/March Update: We Are Going To Burma!

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Yes, we are finally leaving Chiang Mai! We have been here for five months now, far longer than we planned, and although we love it, it’s time to leave. We have itchy feet and anyway, our visas expire soon. So on Sunday we are flying from Chiang Mai to Yangon in Burma (or officially Myanmar).

We will have very limited internet access for the next three weeks so we are looking forward to a much needed internet detox. Instead we’ll be fully focused on exploring Burma, a country that fascinates us. Until recently it has seen very few visitors but since the tourism boycott was lifted in 2010 more people are visiting the country. Right now seems the perfect time to go as from what we hear there are some real changes being made by the regime and a sense of hope in the country.

We have stocked up on crisp US dollar bills (there are no ATMs in the country and they are very strict about the quality of the bills) and are looking forward to visiting popular sites such as Inle Lake and the temples of Bagan, as well as some smaller hill towns in Shan state. We’ve got a taste of Burmese food in Chiang Mai (we love tea leaf salad) and can’t wait to try more.

What Have We Been Up To?

In the last month or so we’ve been doing what we’ve spent most of our time in Chiang Mai doing – working! In January we made the decision not to continue with the premium WordPress theme Simon had been working so hard on for the previous three months. It was just too big a project and we realised that the support needs wouldn’t suit our travel lifestyle. It was a difficult decision but the right one. All the work didn’t go to waste though as he can now use the responsive framework for client sites and he has also updated Never Ending Voyage.

Instead Simon has decided to go into iPhone and iPad app development. He has completed a Stanford course to update his skills (free on iTunes University!) and has finished his first app. We’ll be brainstorming ideas to start work on when we get back from Burma.

It hasn’t all been work though. In our last few weeks in Chiang Mai we’ve been meeting up with friends, revisiting all our favourite restaurants, and trying to visit as many of the city’s wats as we can. We also paid a visit to the enormous Royal Flora flower show on the edge of the city.

Oh, and we celebrated our two year nomadiversary! We’ve now been digital nomads for two years and have no plans to stop.

Never Ending Voyage Around The Web

Our exciting news this month was being featured in the major British newspaper The Times. Here’s our little article:

Never Ending Voyage in The TimesElsewhere around the web…

  • Busbud, a new and helpful site that lists bus routes around the world, has linked to a number of our posts in their destination guides, for example Cusco.

We’ll be quiet for the next three weeks and won’t be responding to comments, emails or tweets. We have scheduled in some posts about Chiang Mai though and look forward to telling you all about Burma when we get back to Thailand. On our return we plan to spend a week in Bangkok catching up before heading to the islands for some beach time.

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  1. Nice work on deciding to head to Burma!

    A brilliant place we explored a little bit a few years ago but ran out of money whilst there and had to cut our plans (it happens easily!)

    We bought flights at the beginning of last year when they were very cheap, we’re supposed to go there at the end of April but we’re very concerned about how expensive and full all the accommodation will be.

    I’ll be quite keen to see what you guys think and if guesthouses/hotels are as full and expensive as I’ve heard.

    Good luck!


    • We didn’t find hotels too full although we usually booked a day or two in advance. March is off season though so in December- February we heard people were having problems. Hotels are more expensive that other places in SE Asia. We usually paid $22 or $23 for a double room with bathroom and aircon and the rooms were quite basic.


  2. Congratulations on your two year nomadiversary! Your trip to Burma sounds very exciting. It’ll be interesting to see up close the changes that are currently underway. I’m looking forward to reading about your travels.


  3. Hey guys – first off….absolutely awesome to have met up with you, albeit briefly, in Chiang Mai. You guys are a fantastic couple and a great inspiration. We are really looking forward to hearing all about Myanmar/Burma…. we are still undecided as to whether our next stop will be there or India, but I think it will be India so we will have to do the old ‘vicarious living’ through u 2 in Burma. All the best!


  4. Have a great journey! The internet situation is gradually improving, many places you even get wifi decent enough for checking mails and browsing the net../Per


  5. Great time to go to Burma…things are possibly changing there (fingers crossed) as the junta seems to be moving toward semi-democratic elections. At least at this point they are letting Aung San Suu Kyi and her parry run in the upcoming elections. We were there in 1998 when there was ZERO pretense of democracy. Beautiful country with amazing people, but the repression was so sad.


    • We are really excited to be visiting right now – the elections will be held while we are there. I’ve been reading a lot about the country and the situation is horrific so I hope real change is happening.


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