Essential Reads for Digital Nomads: Blog Edition

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When writing up our list of 33 Useful Resources for Digital Nomads I realised that some of the most useful sources of information when researching places to travel, work and live around the world are other bloggers. The information is up to date and other digital nomads have similar concerns as us. Is it easy to find affordable accommodation? How’s the WiFi? How much does it cost to live there?

These are some of our favourite blog posts from digital nomads.


Our apartment in Buenos Aires

Our apartment in Buenos Aires

The Joys of Housesitting – Housesitting is a great option for digital nomads and it has taken us from Argentina to Florida to Japan. Here are some of the benefits and tips on finding a housesit.

Housesitting 101 – Dalene & Peter travel almost exclusively by getting free accommodation as housesitters. They have saved over $6000 recently just in Europe. In this post they share their tips.

How to Find an Apartment in Playa del Carmen – Wandering Earl has convinced us that Playa del Carmen makes a great base for digital nomads. It’s affordable, there’s great food,decent internet and a gorgeous beach. We’ll definitely be checking it out when we get to Mexico.

How to Rent an Expensive Apartment for a Budget Price – I wish we were as good at negotiating apartment prices as Earl is.

The Search for An Apartment in Chiang Mai – We have also written about our recent search for an apartment here.

Finding Medium Term Accommodation – Finding accommodation for a few months can be tricky. Here are some tips from Globetrooper on how to do it.

Finding the Right Accommodation – Benny moves to a new location every three months to learn the local language. Here he gives his advice on finding apartments.

Living Costs

Japanese Yen

Living Abroad for Less than $1000 a Month – Wandering Earl shares his tips on locations around the world where he has lived for less than $1000 a month including India, Thailand, Mexico and even Australia.

My Cost of Full Time Travel in 2010 – Professional Hobo Nora’s travel expenses are less than you might think.

Cost of Living Breakdown in Chiang Mai – Shannon from A Little Adrift lived in Chiang Mai for less than $500 a month!

Living in Chiang Mai – Christine from Almost Fearless shares her living expenses and the reasons why Chiang Mai is such a popular place for digital nomads.

Living in Goa – Christine also shares the cost of living in Goa and some insights into life there.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World? – Warren & Betsy from Married with Luggage have kept detailed records of everything they have spent while travelling through South America, Europe and now Thailand.

Globetrooper have shared their living costs in Sydney vs Montreal vs Cusco, in Thailand, India and Berlin.

Medellin, Colombia is another hotspot for travel bloggers. Jason talks about his daily routine as a digital nomad in the city and his living costs.

We have shared our travel expenses for our first year-long RTW trip, and also for our nomadic life in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay; Bolivia and Peru; and Japan.


How We Are Staying Connected in Europe – The Technomadics travel and work around Europe in a campervan. They have some useful posts about the best local prepaid mobile broadband providers and in this post they share their latest method of staying online.

The Best WiFi in Chiang Mai – Todd has done the research for you and found the cafes with the fastest internet. Johnny Vagabond also offers up his opinion on the best cafe to work in Chiang Mai.

US Mobile Internet Options – If you’d like to take an RV trip around the US, Chris and Cherie share their tips on staying connected.

Making Money

How I Can Afford My Life of Constant TravelΒ  – Wandering Earl has been roaming the globe for over ten years. In this post he explains exactly how he has managed it. It’s an inspiring read for anyone who thinks they don’t have the money to travel.

How to Earn Money Online While You Travel – The Globetrotter Girls share sites where you can find freelance work.

Working as a Digital Nomad – Akila and Patrick from The Road Forks share how they make money as they travel.

Becoming a Digital Nomad the Freelance Edition – Christine has lots of great advice for digital nomads on her Almost Fearless blog. This post has tips about becoming a freelancer.

Travel Hacking for Noobs – Baker from Man vs Debt shares his techniques on saving money while traveling as well as making it.

18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures – This manifesto by Corbett Barr has some great advice on making money from blogging.

The Life of A Digital Nomad – The ups and downs of life as a digital nomad.


Kindle vs Books

Kindle vs Books

What Do You Pack When You Are Leaving Forever? – Our packing list.

How To Travel Long Term with Only Carry-On Luggage – We travel with one small backpack each. Here’s how we do it.

How Does a Permanent Nomad Pack? – Wandering Earl’s packing list.

An Electronic Junkie’s Packing List – The electronic gear that The Road Forks use.

How to Pack Ultra Light – Karol was one of the people who inspired us to travel with only carry-on bags.

Our Office Less Office – Uncornered Market share their digital nomad packing list.

The Kindle For Travellers: A Review – The Kindle has changed my life! Seriously if you are a traveller who reads a lot a Kindle makes life much easier.


Honeymoon Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands. Always inspiring…

For inspiration don’t miss our Nomadic Interviews series where each month we interview a permanent nomad who is working while travelling. They share their tips, advice and honest opinions on the ups and downs of nomadic life.

Jet Set Citizen has lots of interviews with digital nomads from a range of backgrounds and travel styles, including one with us!

Kirsty aka the Nerdy Nomad posts her monthly earning reports and it’s inspiring to read how much she is able to make from running travel websites online.

The Location Independent site has a wealth of resources and advice for digital nomads.

For more helpful resources for digital nomads see Part 2 of Essential Reads for Digital Nomads: Book Edition where we share some of our favourite books. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

I know we've missed loads of great posts for digital nomads. Leave a comment and share your favourites.

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? See our 47 Useful Gift Ideas for Carry-On Travellers. They are ideal for travel lovers who want to pack light and include something for every budget.

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  1. Just wanted to say that the crazy font and animations are so cool πŸ™‚ I’m a geo-static guy, although I’m learning about you nomads while working for a friend that is a part of your community. Again, thanks for the inspiration, both in design and in writing.

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  5. Many thanks for including a couple of my posts up there! Posts such as this certainly make it easier for all of us to find the useful information we need to either get started or continue as digital nomads…

    I hope you guys are doing well and perhaps we’ll finally get that chance to meet up in 2012!

    • You had some particularly helpful posts Earl so thanks for sharing the info. And yes, surely we’ll cross paths in 2012! No idea where we are going, but will be in Asia for a while.

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  9. Talk about one-stop shopping and learning! Wow–this is an excellent resource and shows others who are considering a nomadic lifestyle that it’s possible and not that daunting of a transition.
    Another good addition would be where to go when traveling to get electronic gear fixed. Cheers!

  10. I haven’t even opened any of the links yet and I think this is totally awesome! I will definitely be bookmarking this and checking out the links soon!

  11. Your blog is so inspiring, not to mention beautifully designed, even down to the borders around people’s avatars. Thanks to fluentin3months for educating me about this blog. I’m hooked on both blogs and living vicariously through you.

  12. This is an awesome list, guys – lots of great stuff for us all the learn from!! And thanks so much for including us in it.

    I love that so many nomads are also sharing their resources and helping inspire others that this lifestyle is completely attainable!

    • Thanks Cherie. Your latest post would have been a good addition to the list – lots of great info in there! I agree that the resources that people are sharing makes life easier for both existing and aspiring digital nomads.

  13. Thanks for putting this together! I’ve read a few of them already, but I’ve got a lot of reading left to do.
    We’re a family of 4 (with a 3 & 1 yr old) doing the same…living a ‘normal’ life in extraordinary locations.

  14. Nice article roundup, guys. I must admit, I’m always intrigued by stories about the digital nomad life, even though it will be a long time before I could even consider embarking upon it myself. Having a 10-year-old (and being divorced from her mom) makes permanent travel impossible, but I admire the courage and resourcefulness of those who do it. Thanks for sharing these stories!

  15. So many great articles in here, we actually wanted to get some work done tonight but it’s impossible NOT to read through some of the ones we hadn’t read yet! Thanks for sharing this!
    P.S. Thinking about some books to suggest for the Essential Books edition!

  16. Awesome collection!
    (And thanks for including me in this roundup. My costs to travel full-time in 2011 was even less than 2010, and I visited 13 countries covering over 73,000kms! Stay tuned for that post in the new year).

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