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An image of the Drawing Class icon, featuring a white silhouette of a posing model on a red backgroundWe’re pleased to announce the launch of Drawing Class for the iPhone and iPad—a great little app for the travelling artist unable to get to a life drawing class.

Figure drawing is one of those fundamental art skills that one can never stop practicing. Unfortunately, the range of life drawing classes available in the Peruvian Andes is limited at best, so I created this app to help recreate the experience of a life drawing class in digital form.

Figure Drawing Study

One of my life drawing studies.

I initially built this app for myself after struggling to find a decent recreation of this experience online. So many of the art books and courses from greats such as Loomis, Vilppu, and Buscema emphasise the importance of both life drawing and gesture practice and it’s something I wanted to be able to work on every day, wherever I was, and not have to be reliant on a decent internet connection or stopwatches.

The app is simple: load it up with your photos, set the length of the class (30 minutes, one hour, or two hours), then it randomly progresses through your collection of photos beginning with 30 second gesture drawing before gradually easing you into longer poses to create more polished drawings.

You can collect your photos into albums that make sense for you (e.g. hands, sitting poses, standing poses) to focus on the particular aspects of your drawing that you’d like to improve.

And if you don’t have your own collection of photos featuring professional models, then fear not! We’ve teamed up with Stan Prokopenko from Proko.com to offer sets of his high-quality photos—with a wide range of poses to help push your drawing skills further—available as In App Purchases within the app.

Male Figure Drawing example

We currently have one pack of general poses available but we hope to offer a broad range of packs that focus on variations of a particular pose (e.g. standing, seated, with props).

I’ve been using Stan’s photos to help with my life drawing practice for years; they’ve been fantastic and I’m pleased to be able to offer them within this app.

The app is available now and is free on the App Store.

The app store badge

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  1. This is probably my most used and most cherished app! It’s simple but it provides a function I haven’t been able to find elsewhere and would have happily payed for it. I use it for daily figure drawing but unfortunately it’s crashing every time I open it now. Is it no longer being supported?


      • Awesome, thanks for getting back. Just glad to hear it’s still being supported!
        I do have several hundred photos in my library, maybe it will work if I delete it all and start over with less photos.


  2. Just learned about your website, and like it very much. Your drawing app looks like soul food to me- but I have a zsamsung Note 4, not an Apple device. I don’t suppose this app will work on a Note, will it???


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