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Patreon is a great new service where you can support the artists and creators that you enjoy. Unlike Kickstarter, where it’s raising support for a large single project, Patreon is about ongoing support for smaller works. Like travel articles.

Watch the Patreon video below to see how it works or read on.

You can now become a Never Ending Voyage patron from as little as $0.25 per article (we produce 4-8 articles per month) and get access to some awesome rewards.

Supporting with Patreon is very flexible. Signing up is quick, easy and free and it supports all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Pledges are only charged at the beginning of each new month based on whether we produced the work, you can set a maximum amount to support per month, and you can suspend or cancel at any time.

Our travel articles will continue to be free for everyone but if you’ve found our site useful, interesting or inspiring, then becoming a patron is simply a way for you to show your appreciation. Not only will you get our sincere thanks and help us to continue working on Never Ending Voyage, but you’ll also receive a range of exclusive benefits depending on the amount you pledge:

$0.25 per article: Our eternal gratitude and access to our patron-only activity stream where we interact with our patrons and share cool content just for you including photos, travel tips, and updates on our travel plans.

$0.50 per article: Same as the 25¢ tier except it will make you twice as awesome.

$1 per article: We’ll send you a custom postcard with a photo you can choose from our site or one from our current location, plus access to our patron-only stream.

$2 per article: You get to vote on what we write about, plus all of the above.

$3 per article: Access to a special patron-only article each month with exclusive content including answers to your questions plus all of the above.

$4 per article: Send us an email each month with any travel/digital nomad question and we’ll provide a priority in-depth answer, plus if we cross paths in the world we’ll meet up for a coffee, and you still get all of the above.

$10 per article: We’ll answer your travel and digital nomad related questions on a private one hour skype call, plus all of the above.

$15 per article: Be featured as a Patron of the Month: we’ll highlight you and your projects here on Never Ending Voyage, plus all of the above.

By becoming a patron, you can help Never Ending Voyage become better for everyone. With your support we can continue to share our experiences for free and expand the range of resources we provide to help people get out to explore our wonderful world.

If you’d like to become a Never Ending Voyage patron then head over to our Patreon page.

We really appreciate any support you can offer. Thank you!

Simon and Erin

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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