August Update: Back in Asia

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After a few months in England catching up with friends and family, attending a friend’s wedding and experiencing the cold, rainy August ‘summer’ we were ready to move on. Last Friday we landed in Hong Kong after a sleepless night on the plane to high heat and humidity and the crazy crowds of Mong Kok on Kowloon Island where we were staying in a tiny hostel room. After a few hours sleep we were ready to confront the chaos and loved walking through the crowds and neon lights to the waterfront to witness the spectacular Hong Kong skyline at night. We were happy to be back in Asia.

After a few days of lots of walking and eating vegetarian dim sum we headed to Japan. We arrived at our house sit in Kyoto a few days ago in a quiet, residential neighbourhood in the north of the city. We haven’t done much except be bewildered in Japanese supermarkets (not being able to read labels isn’t good for vegetarians). People here are very sweet and polite, and things feels more orderly than Hong Kong. We have work to catch up on but are looking forward to getting out and exploring the city.

Never Ending Voyage Around the Web

We were interviewed on Positive World Travel about travel gear, our Kindle, meditation and more.

Heading There included us as one of their inspiring travel bloggers.

The Working Traveller blog has compiled a great list of articles about working and volunteering around the world.  They included our Secret Life of a Nomadic Web Designer video and our post about being equestrian interns in Costa Rica.

If you are considering buying a Kindle or other e-reader then have a look at the Lengthy Travel Ultimate Guide to Electronic Book Readers. It’s a really comprehensive and will help you decide which e-reader is right for you. They linked to our Kindle review as one of the resources.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. Oh, I forgot about how confusing the supermarkets can be! Even after living there and learning a fair number of kanji I was often bewildered. And, the loud “welcoming” sound of “Irashaimase” by the supermarket greeter adds to the experience.

    Thanks for linking to my e-reader guide. I had pretty much already decided on a Kindle when I first read your review, but got some good extra info from it, and it really increased my excitement level.


      • You probably already learned this, but the word for meat is niku and the kanji is 肉 so if you see that bad boy on the package beware.


        • I know the word but find kanji so confusing – just trying to pick out one kanji amongst all of the ones written on the back of a packet is overwhelming!

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