April Update: Horses and Disney World

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We spent the first half of April volunteering as equestrian interns in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica. We loved the blissfully quiet location and got to enjoy the country’s gorgeous countryside as well as learning lots about riding and horse care.

It was an exhausting experience though so unfortunately we had to move on to get some work done.  We shouldn’t have left as we were robbed on the bus, and then spent 10 dull days working in Alajuela, the town nearest to the airport. Sometimes we have to put work above travel. Things were made a little better though by the friendly staff at Hotel Pacande and becoming regulars at the Mexican restaurant Jalapeños Central.

After nearly 14 months in Latin America we flew to Florida where we found a great value motel very close to Disney. The last week has been spent having a surprisingly amazing time at Disney’s theme parks. It was a stress-free experience of pure fun immersing ourself in the magical world and rediscovering a childhood love for roller coasters. My concerns about huge crowds, screaming kids and long queues were unfounded and we actually never queued for more than 15 minutes.

We have just moved to Jacksonville where we’ll be house sitting for the next month. Life in the suburbs is going to be very different from what we are used to but we are ready for a change and excited (and overwhelmed) about American supermarkets and being able to flush paper down the toilet!

Never Ending Voyage Around the Web

A big thanks to all the sites that featured us this month.

Simon’s Travel as Pleasure and How to Avoid It post was included in the latest Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival.

We shared our tips on Ryan Goes Abroad’s comprehensive post 50 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Travelling.

Traveling Greener chose us as one of 10 Digital Nomad Blogs You’ll Love.

Jack and Jill were inspired by our visits to Colombia’s pueblos and have included them on their South America Itinerary.

Phil in the Blank linked to Simon’s Bolivian bus hell post in his funny and helpful article on How to Enjoy Possibly Unreasonable Trips on Public Transport.

Stefan Carlton found our Gear Page useful in coming up with his RTW packing list.

BootsnAll tackle the question of how much money do you really need to travel and link to our post on how we budgeted for our first RTW trip.

Digital Nomad Update

Before taking a break for Disney Simon was working hard designing a new travel website. He loves illustration (and of course travel) so this was the perfect opportunity to go all out. He had great fun drawing a night time beachside scene of a digital nomad at work. Check it out at Have Feet Will Travel. Justin has just started his new nomadic life and we are looking forward to reading about his adventures.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. You are very welcome, Erin! Simon’s post was so different from the other entries that I had to create a section in the blog carnival just for it! (Travel Philosophy)

    Looking forward to seeing more BTBC submissions from you guys in the future.


  2. So glad you had a chance to visit Disney World. There are few places that better reflect America. In one day you can see how technology, art, entertainment, and business all come together in a uniquely American way.


  3. Aww, thanks for the shout-out guys! Still so much to do, but I’ll be doing it in style thanks to Simon’s talent!

    Glad you had such a blast a Disney! Keep in mind there’s more Disney magic on the West Coast, too!


  4. Guys- I’m from Jacksonville!!!! You must take a day trip to St. Augustine (that is where my parents live now) and visit the fort and old st. george street. The beaches in Ponte Vedra and Atlantic Beach are nicer than Jax Beach. Must, must, must eat at Barnacle Bills and try the coconut and Dat’il’ Do it shrimp. they are spicy and sweet and delicious. What area of town will you be staying in? Let me know and I can keep going!!


    • Really?! Thanks for all the tips. We will definitely go to St Augustine, and we want to do a day trip to Savannah as well. Not sure what our area is called but we are near Atlantic & University Blvd.


  5. I’ve been pondering long term travel for awhile. However, there’s a law in my country saying I have to be in the country for X amount of time every five years or something.
    Question: is there a law like that in your country and if so how do you get around it?


    • We are actually finding some real cultural differences from the UK. We went to an all you can eat breakfast buffet and were stunned by the amount of food – especially over 20 choices of dessert – at breakfast!


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