An Annual Review: We Need Your Input

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We learnt the importance of an annual review from Chris Guillebeau. The idea is to set aside some time at the end of the year to look back at what did and didn’t go well, and to make plans for what you’d like to achieve in the upcoming year. We’ll be conducting our annual review in the next few weeks and we’d love your help to improve Never Ending Voyage.

We would really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to fill out our reader survey. We want to learn more about our readers and what your interests and needs are, so that we can make sure this site is as useful as possible.

We want to hear from both regular readers and commenters, new visitors, and those of you who might not be comfortable commenting on our posts. What do you think of Never Ending Voyage and how can we improve it? The survey is just eight questions and your answers will help us to plan for 2012.

Don’t worry, your answers will be anonymous unless you choose to share your email address so that we can contact you personally to discuss your feedback. This is entirely up to you.

We’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to give your honest feedback in the Never Ending Voyage Reader Survey.

Thank you!

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