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The Globetrotter Girls nominated us to take part in the 7 Links project started by Tripbase. The idea is to dig through your archives and choose some old posts for certain categories. We took part in the 7 Link Challenge a year ago so we’ve focused on posts we’ve written in the last year, except for our most popular post which is still going strong from our first month of blogging!

1. Our Most Beautiful Post – Bolivia’s Salt Flats: One Wild Ride The Wrong Way Round (Part 2)

Sun Rising over the Bolivian salt flats (Salar de Uyuni)

Sun Rising over the Salar de Uyuni

We always get asked what was our favourite place in South America and we answer without hesitation: Bolivia. It was a challenging country to travel in but we were rewarded with some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes we’ve ever seen on our high altitude jeep tour through the southwest of the country. Days 1 and 2 were gorgeous too but it was the final few days that really blew our minds as we visited red lakes filled with flamingos, volcanoes in the desert and the famous salt flats.

2. Our Most Popular Post – What Do You Pack When You Are Leaving Forever: Our Packing List

Our packing list as consistently been our most popular post for all 16 months that we’ve been blogging. Deciding what to take when travelling long term can be overwhelming and this post lists exactly what we fit into our small backpacks.

3. Our Most Controversial Post – Lows of 1 Year As Digital Nomads in South America 

We don’t really write controversial posts but a few people disagreed with our complaints about South America. It really needs to be read alongside our highlights of South America post as we did love travelling there but wanted to honestly present the things we didn’t like about the continent and the challenges of travelling as digital nomads.

4. Our Most Helpful Post – How To Travel Long Term With Only Carry On Luggage

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about travelling light and only taking hand luggage on flights but we rarely meet backpackers who actually do this. If we can travel forever with a 30 litre and 40 litre backpack between us then you can too! This post goes into detail about how we manage this.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Us – Travel As Pleasure and How To Avoid It

Simon’s look at the philosophy of freedom and meaningful travel was very well received. It’s not often you see references in a blog post so that was particularly impressive! It’s good to know that long thoughtful posts can be just as popular as snappy Top 10 lists.

6. A Post We Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved – The Secret Life of A Nomadic Web Designer

We haven’t done as much video as we’d like but putting together this video in our fancy Medellin apartment was a lot of fun. Not everyone will get Simon’s sense of humour but I still think this deserves more attention than it originally got.

7. The Post We Are Most Proud Of – Bolivian Bus Hell: An Illustrated Guide

Bolivian Bus Hell titleIt was one of the worst experiences we had in South America but, after the hellishness had subsided, Simon was able to look back at it and find inspiration for one of our most fun and unique posts.

We now continue the project by nominating five more bloggers to share their 7 links:

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  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks so much for the nomination, but I am already in the middle of writing one thanks to Alouise from travelerahoy.com (literally just before I read this).

    I agree that you don’t write controversial posts – that’s because you are both so positive :)

    Enjoy Japan!


  2. Great picks! Enjoyed all of these posts. Thought you would have chosen one of your ‘Tropical Islands’ posts as your most beautiful one (the pictures are just amazing) but the Salt Flats post is fantastic :)


    • It was actually a toss up between the salt flats and the Cook Islands post! Bolivia has a very different kind of beauty to the beaches of the South Pacific.


  3. As y’all know I have been following along forever and am glad I have read all 7 of those post already. My personal fav is the packing list and the bus ride post.

    So where are y’all at now???


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