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We were inspired to take Problogger’s 7 Link Blog Challenge by travel bloggers The Planet D. The idea is that bloggers have so much content that gets hidden in the archives and we should provide ways for new readers to find it. We’ve only been going for five months but we still have 67 posts published.

Based on Problogger’s suggested categories here are our seven links.

Our First Post – Why We Travel

Our first post was written a few weeks before we set off on our current Never Ending Voyage. It looked back on what we had gained from our first round the world trip and examined why we had chosen to travel forever. Five months later and it all still stands.

The Post We Enjoyed Writing the Most – The Life of a Digital Nomad

Simon likes to include comedy touches in his writing and this one was great fun to write. It’s a honest look at the ups and downs of being a digital nomad.

A Post With A Great Discussion – The Benefits of Selling Everything You Own

This recent post has had the most comments. It’s a subject that struck a cord with people – they had either done the same thing as us or would like to. It also helped that Simon was on a comedy roll when responding to comments. He didn’t get much else done that day!

A Post On Someone Else’s Blog We Wish We’d Written – Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 a Month

This was a really difficult one to choose as we read so many amazing blogs. I’ve chosen this recent post from Wandering Earl as it’s an extremely useful article that will open your eyes to how cheap long term travel can be, especially if you travel slowly and rent an apartment. We were glad to hear that Mexico can be visited so inexpensively as we hope to spend some time there in a year or so (we are slooowly working our way up Latin America).

Our Most Helpful Post – How We Plan To Travel Forever

We try to make all of our posts helpful to people who want to travel long term by sharing our tips and experiences. I have chosen this post because when people learn about opportunities like house sitting, working in exchange for accommodation and couchsurfing it shows how long term travel is possible for very little money. It also adds another dimension to travel and helps you get off the gringo trail.

We are only supposed to choose one link but our three part series on How to Sell All of Your Stuff is worth a mention as it is a very detailed guide based on many hours spent selling everything we owned. It includes tips for getting started, guides to using Ebay and Amazon Marketplace, plus lots of other methods. Best of all you get to find out exactly how much we earned.

A Post With A Title We Are Proud Of – How We Saved 75% of Our Income to Travel

We aren’t the most imaginative title writers but this post certainly drew people in. Money is one of the most popular topics with travellers and this remains our all-time most popular post, with plenty of comments giving more saving tips.

A Post We Wish More People Had Read – How to Budget for Long Term Travel

This post got a decent number of readers but I was expecting more as money is such a popular topic. As well as listing tips on how to budget for long term travel it gives a breakdown of exactly what we spent on our round the world trip.

You can find more of our old posts by following the links in the Featured Posts section of the side bar on the right. This lists our most recently published posts, the all-time most popular articles, and the most popular in the last month. For destination specific posts see the relevant country in the Topics section.

We hope you enjoy having a look around.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. Glad you tried out the 7 link challenge. It is a fun exercise to go through the blog and to see how much you have grown. You have some tips and advice posts that you have written.
    thanks for the shout out!


  2. I have just started following your blog and I really like how witty your posts are! At least I do not have to dig in the archives for good posts. :)

    I hope you dont mind me including you in my blogroll. :)


  3. I definitely like this idea and I’ve enjoyed the posts you’ve listed. Your ‘Life of a Digital Nomad’ has been one of my favorites ever since you wrote it…

    And I’m sure that you have your own list of places where one could survive for relatively cheap that readers would be interested in. I’m always looking for more places to go and live for a while!


    • Thanks very much Earl. We are slowly building up our list of cheap places. So far South America has been a lot more expensive than Asia though. Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Laos were so inexpensive.


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