Photo of the Week: Uncheesecake at Vanilla Black, London

A few weeks ago we celebrated our 13th anniversary with a foodie weekend in London. Although we mostly complain about our native land (seriously, this weather is not summer) we did appreciate the number of innovative vegetarian restaurants in the capital city.

We visited Vanilla Black for the first time and were astounded by the unusual, creative dishes. It’s like no vegetarian restaurant, like no restaurant we’ve ever eaten in before. We’ll be writing more about it soon but we thought we’d share this photo of our dessert: peanut butter cheesecake with cracked cocoa beans, banana and thyme bread, and toffee sauce.

As with everything on the menu it was like no cheesecake we’ve ever eaten with each element deconstructed and recompiled into a delicious work of art.

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5 thoughts on Photo of the Week: Uncheesecake at Vanilla Black, London

  1. If I hadn’t read the description I would think this was a savory dish instead of sweet. Either way, it looks delicious!

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