Photo of the Week: Colourful Dress in the Andes

We spent three weeks in a remote rural area in the Andes above Huaraz, Peru. Every day we’d pass Quechua speaking women in their traditional colourful dress. Everyone had long plaits under tall, embroidered hats, wide bright skirts, woolly tights and colourful cardigans.

Usually the outfit is topped with a intricately embroidered, multi-coloured manta or shawl that’s used to keep warm or carry all sorts of things inside (including babies and animals).

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10 thoughts on Photo of the Week: Colourful Dress in the Andes

      • Everything going fab! Have left CAN now. Off to do new things and have new adventures! Yepiee! Jaydev is doing an MA and am having my birthday party tomorrow! Going to plan some traveling… SO GLAD U ARE OUT THERE! Its very inspiring… always good to see people reaching for their dreams and actually doing it! Hugs xxx

    • The blue building is the new school. The houses people live in are very simple and made from adobe so they are mud coloured.

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