Photo of the Week: Cactus on Incahuasi Island, Bolivia

In a month’s time we’ll have been travelling in South America for a year. As we start to look back on our favourite experiences, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni or salt flats is definitely one of our highlights.

We spent four days in a jeep touring Southwest Bolivia and on the last day we reached the salt flats. The Island of Incahuasi (also known as Fish Island) is a unique place: a rocky, cacti covered island in the middle of the huge white salt flats.

12 thoughts on Photo of the Week: Cactus on Incahuasi Island, Bolivia

  1. Your Bolivia trip is making me so nostalgic for my Bolivia trip. We never actually went. So I guess I’m just nostalgic for the pictures I looked at while planning :) So beautiful!

  2. Oh wow y’all have been in S.A. for almost a year thats cool! Sounds like Central America is around the corner.

    Nice picture. It reminds me of a porcupine.

  3. This cactus is from Salar de Uyuni? Superb!! I was attracted with the great photo, and was delighted to know that it’s from one of my dream destination!

  4. Great photo, Erin! It’s very cool with the cactus (that cactus has alot of character ;)) and the flat expanse behind it. I love the desert. Or in this case, salt flats. Well, it’s like a desert, ain’t it?

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