You can follow our route on this map, which shows all of the places we’ve been since we became digital nomads in March 2010. Click on a blue marker for more information. The red lines are flights, the purple lines are train journeys, blue lines are trips by road and green lines by boat.

Our Route

We left from London in March 2010 and flew to Brazil and Argentina and then worked our way up through South America and on to Central America. From Costa Rica we visited the US and Canada before returning to England to visit family and friends.

In August 2011 we flew to Hong Kong and Japan, spent many months in Thailand and visited Burma and Malaysia as sidetrips.

At the end of May 2012 we headed back to Europe visiting England, Italy, Belgium, England again, Portugal, Italy again and on to Jordan and Egypt in the Middle East. After brief stops in London and Miami we arrived in Mexico and spent the end of the year there.

We took a side trip to Cuba in March/April 2013 and then returned to Mexico until July when we flew to San Francisco and took a road trip to Sonoma and Yosemite. We flew back to the UK for a family visit and then travelled with an InterRail pass across Europe for a month from London to Sicily via Paris, Munich, Slovenia, and Southern Italy.

At the end of the year we returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand and in 2014 we visited Cambodia, Malaysia and back to the Thai islands.