Italy to London by Train: The Best Way to Travel Europe

We flew from London to Rome and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. It’s difficult to resist the lure of incredibly low prices on budget airlines but somehow we always forget how unpleasant it is: the long drive to the inconveniently located Stansted airport; the hassle of security; removing liquids, laptops and shoes; endless queues and waits in crowded hallways to board the plane, and then the cramped flight itself.

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Photo of the Week: Brighton Pier


The pier is the iconic image of Brighton and offers a classic English seaside experience complete with noisy arcade games, sticks of rock, and funfair rides. The changeable British weather provided a dramatic backdrop for the Grade II listed pier that dates back to 1899.

The Next Level of Vegetarian Restaurants in London

We have a theory about vegetarian restaurants around the world: there are different levels and a place has to go through the early stages before they get to the good stuff. Vegetarian restaurants start off as health focused, often the realm of hippies with yoga classes advertised on the walls, but unfortunately the food can be bland and uninspiring, really just a compilation of vegetables on a plate, with too much tofu and soya for our liking (although tofu is taken to a new level in Japan).

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